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708 Marks Road
suite 410
Valley City, OH
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Monday thru Friday

8:30am - 4:30pm

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D&L Recycling is a registered scrap metal recycler with the Ohio Department of Public Safety-Division of Homeland Security and works with all local law enforcement to prevent theft.



Computer Recycling


Brunswick Ohio Computer Recycling

D & L Recycling pays CASH for all types of computers, electronics and electronic scrap, including:


  • old and broken computers
  • laptops
  • computer boards
  • cell phones
  • all types of electronic boards

  • Sorry, we do not accept monitors

    In 1999 the average household had just one (1) computer and various basic electronics. Today the average home has three (3) computers and numerous other electronic devices.


    With technology getting better and faster each year the demand to buy the latest gadgets leaves a large number of computers and electronics that need to be recycled after they have been replaced.
    Landfills are overwhelmed by the amount of electronics thrown into the trash. Data left on devices and computer hard-drives raises additional security and idenity protection concerns. Disposing of or recycling your computer should be done by those experienced in destroying personal data files for your protection - D & L Recycling can help you recycle your computer safely.


    Contact D & L Recycling today and learn how you can turn your old computers and electronics into CASH!


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    Please remember to bring your driver's license or state ID as this is a State Law to sell your scrap metal.




    We Pay CASH




    We pay CASH
    on the spot!

    all grades of

    all grades of

    all grades of

    all grades of

    all grades of


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