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D&L Recycling is a registered scrap metal recycler with the Ohio Department of Public Safety-Division of Homeland Security and works with all local law enforcement to prevent theft.



Copper Recycling


With a market determined to be less dependent on new metals and more focused on recycling existing metal, it is a reasonable bet the demand will continue to increase for recycled copper.


The copper recycling market has become a large, lucrative global market with the steady rise in copper prices. Because of its high demand and increased value, copper has become a target for theft. Most recyclers will need a record of your Driver's License or State ID in an attempt to discourage (or potentially track) metal thieves. Copper wiring and tubing are popular items being recycled, however, over one-half of recycled scrap copper is new scrap recovered from the industrial market including chips and machine turnings.


Public interest in recycling metals for environmental reasons has also seen an increase and has kept up with the demand for recycled copper. Environmentalists favor recycled copper over newly refined or virgin copper due to less greenhouse gas emissions. Copper wire excluded, over 70 percent of used copper is produced from recycled material with 85 percent less energy needed to produce the same amount.


Please remember to bring your driver's license or state ID as this is a State Law to sell your scrap metal.








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