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D&L Recycling is a registered scrap metal recycler with the Ohio Department of Public Safety-Division of Homeland Security and works with all local law enforcement to prevent theft.



Aluminum Recycling


Currently, aluminum is the most recycled post-consumer metal in the world. To many people's surprise, aluminum is not produced naturally as a metal. Recycling aluminum reduces environmental pollutants and saves nearly 95% of the energy needed to produce aluminum from its original source. At one time aluminum exceeded the value of gold and while it has become a fraction of that today, the importance aluminum plays on our economy can never be exaggerated.


Recycled and recyclable aluminum can be found in many places:


One of the most popular of all aluminum is beverage cans with over 80 billion used every year, less than 60% is actually recycled. The packaging/consumer market also includes food containers, bottles, foil and many other household items made from recyclable aluminum.


In construction, aluminum is used commercially and in residential applications. Window and door frames, siding, gutters and roofing all use this lightweight metal. With the aging of many steel bridges around the country, aluminum may become an important rebuilding material.


Aluminum has the ability to be refined and recycled in many forms such as, alloys, castings, extrusions, foil, forgings, impacts, ingots, sheet, wire and rods. The strength and durability of aluminum alloys have made it a competitive contender for its steel counterpart. 


Industrial and automotive manufacturers are using this lightweight material in growing numbers. While the demand for aluminum continues to grow, aluminum recyclers have perfected their techniques to identify, recover and deliver recyclable aluminum materials for industry specific needs.


Please remember to bring your driver's license or state ID as this is a State Law to sell your scrap metal.








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