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D&L Recycling is a registered scrap metal recycler with the Ohio Department of Public Safety-Division of Homeland Security and works with all local law enforcement to prevent theft.



Metal Recycling


We are surrounded by many things on a daily basis can be recycled, from paper and plastics to trees, grass clippings and shrubs. One part of recycling that may not be as popular, but just as important, is scrap metal recycling. Scrap metals are one of the largest exports in the US and by recycling metals, we reduce the amount of energy required to produce materials through natural resources.


Some of the most popular metal items that may be recycled include copper, steel, aluminum and brass, but often they are thrown in the garbage. Most scrap metal can be recycled for cash at your local metal recycler while helping create a cleaner environment.

Scrap metal facilities, such as D & L Recycling, work with many types of customers, from homeowners encouraged to bring in their unwanted metal items and make some extra money to construction companies, industrial manufacturers and those that are in an industry that come across scrap metal on a regular basis.

Separating ferrous and non-ferrous metal is a good idea before bringing it to be recycled. The easiest and most common way to figure out what kind of metal you have is by grabbing a magnet. If a magnet sticks to your metal, you probably have a ferrous metal, a common metal like steel or iron. Ferrous metal is does not have as much value, but your scrap recycling facility will typically pay something for it and make sure it is recycled properly.

If the magnet does not stick to your metal, the metal may be a non-ferrous metal. Many popular metals, such as, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass are categorized as non-ferrous metals. These types of metals are valuable to recycle and offer a pretty good payout.


The most challenging part of metal recycling is recognizing the different types of material and what it is potentially worth. D & L Recycling assists its customers in getting familiar with the popular metals and how to produce the most value out of their recycling efforts.




Please remember to bring your driver's license or state ID as this is a State Law to sell your scrap metal.








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