Apr 20

Why Recyclers want your Scrap Metal during Earth Week


When most people think of recycling items in their home or business, they think of recycling paper and plastic. Some do not give another thought to items around their home or business that are recyclable, such as metal and electronics. The purpose of earth day is to bring awareness and prevent items from filing landfills, and preserve the environment in every way possible. This is the reason scraping has become important to our economy and in protecting our natural resources.

Recyclers and scrap dealers want your scrap! Metals – like steel, copper, and aluminum; Electronics – like cell phones, computers, servers, and laptops. And the best part – you can get paid to scrap your recyclables. If you have a mountain of scrap that you have been starring at, wondering what to do with, then here is your chance to clean up your yard, garage or office and earn some extra money.

This year will mark the 45th year of Earth Day. A day that was originated to bring awareness to the public on how recycling can help save our natural resources. Every city and every state across the United States will band together during this iconic week and do their part to protect our future. People who do not scrap all year long, will bring truckloads of metals and electronics to do their part. Did you know that for every aluminum can recycled, it is put back on the shelf within 60 days? Emissions and energy are saved when metals are recycled. For example, when aluminum is recycled 92% of energy is saved, when compared to acquiring raw materials. Did you know that a large portion of jewelry made today is from recycled metals?

The more we recycle, the more we can save our natural resources. Help protect our natural resources, by recycling during Earth week. This week long awareness is the perfect time for you to “clean up” your yard, home, office, garages and more. Many recyclers and scrap yards do special promotions during Earth week and especially on Earth Day, which is on April 22nd. So load up your vehicle, take it to your local scrap yard / recycler, and get paid for your scrap metal.