Apr 17

Electronics Recycling Is Important Too


For years, individuals and businesses alike have left old electronics sitting in basements, closets, and dusty corners.  Often referred to as the misfit gadget pile, many people have simply put these gadgets in the pile and forgotten about them.  In fact, in recent years, many would simply toss these devices in the trash.  However  today, in many cities, it is illegal to dispose of your old electronic devices in the regular trash.

Why is it illegal to dispose of electronic devices in the trash?  Electronics are the fastest growing category of waste in our country today, and with technology changing so fast and new devices and equipment being released daily, it is anticipated that this waste will grow substantially.  With the increase in electronic waste, it will be devastating for all this waste to end up in our landfills.  Electronics can leak lead, mercury, and cadmium – all bad for the environment, but are valuable materials that can help save our natural resources when recycled.

As with any other recyclable item, electronics are collected by e-scrap recyclers (often times many regular scrap metal recyclers will take your electronics) and follow the same reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy.  These recyclers understand what can be reused, and how to fully and safely dismantle the electronics for recycling.  Most electronics contain metal which can be recycled similar to any other scrap metal.

The best part for you, the consumer, is that you may also earn some extra cash while scrapping your electronics.  So, dig through those misfit gadget piles, clear out those dusty closets and dark basements, and bring all of your electronics for recycling.