Apr 20

Why Recyclers want your Scrap Metal during Earth Week


When most people think of recycling items in their home or business, they think of recycling paper and plastic. Some do not give another thought to items around their home or business that are recyclable, such as metal and electronics. The purpose of earth day is to bring awareness and prevent items from filing landfills, and preserve the environment in every way possible. This is the reason scraping has become important to our economy and in protecting our natural resources.

Recyclers and scrap dealers want your scrap! Metals – like steel, copper, and aluminum; Electronics – like cell phones, computers, servers, and laptops. And the best part – you can get paid to scrap your recyclables. If you have a mountain of scrap that you have been starring at, wondering what to do with, then here is your chance to clean up your yard, garage or office and earn some extra money.

This year will mark the 45th year of Earth Day. A day that was originated to bring awareness to the public on how recycling can help save our natural resources. Every city and every state across the United States will band together during this iconic week and do their part to protect our future. People who do not scrap all year long, will bring truckloads of metals and electronics to do their part. Did you know that for every aluminum can recycled, it is put back on the shelf within 60 days? Emissions and energy are saved when metals are recycled. For example, when aluminum is recycled 92% of energy is saved, when compared to acquiring raw materials. Did you know that a large portion of jewelry made today is from recycled metals?

The more we recycle, the more we can save our natural resources. Help protect our natural resources, by recycling during Earth week. This week long awareness is the perfect time for you to “clean up” your yard, home, office, garages and more. Many recyclers and scrap yards do special promotions during Earth week and especially on Earth Day, which is on April 22nd. So load up your vehicle, take it to your local scrap yard / recycler, and get paid for your scrap metal.

Apr 17

Electronics Recycling Is Important Too


For years, individuals and businesses alike have left old electronics sitting in basements, closets, and dusty corners.  Often referred to as the misfit gadget pile, many people have simply put these gadgets in the pile and forgotten about them.  In fact, in recent years, many would simply toss these devices in the trash.  However  today, in many cities, it is illegal to dispose of your old electronic devices in the regular trash.

Why is it illegal to dispose of electronic devices in the trash?  Electronics are the fastest growing category of waste in our country today, and with technology changing so fast and new devices and equipment being released daily, it is anticipated that this waste will grow substantially.  With the increase in electronic waste, it will be devastating for all this waste to end up in our landfills.  Electronics can leak lead, mercury, and cadmium – all bad for the environment, but are valuable materials that can help save our natural resources when recycled.

As with any other recyclable item, electronics are collected by e-scrap recyclers (often times many regular scrap metal recyclers will take your electronics) and follow the same reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy.  These recyclers understand what can be reused, and how to fully and safely dismantle the electronics for recycling.  Most electronics contain metal which can be recycled similar to any other scrap metal.

The best part for you, the consumer, is that you may also earn some extra cash while scrapping your electronics.  So, dig through those misfit gadget piles, clear out those dusty closets and dark basements, and bring all of your electronics for recycling.

Mar 10

Earth Day Recycling

Earth Day is April 22, 2014

Since 1970 it has been known as the day to spread awareness and promote a cleaner earth-day-recycling-150x150environment.

The founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson, at the time was a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin knew that if he could gain public awareness about pollution, it would demand a national protection of the environment. Earth Day 1970 created a combined support effort from politicians, businesses and households. The success of Earth Day help create the development of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In 1990, Earth Day went global, combining 200 million people in 141 countries and increasing environmental concerns onto the world spotlight. Earth Day 1990 started the huge boost to recycling efforts worldwide and marked the way for the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit. In 1995, President Bill Clinton awarded Senator Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the highest honor given to civilians in the United States — for his role as the founder of Earth Day.

Today, millions of Americans participate every year for a healthy, cleaner environment in a national effort that promotes recycling and clean-up of our local communities.

On April 22nd, Earth Day 2014, there may be many ways to promote a cleaner environment. D & L Recycling LLC invites you to be a part of Earth Day and help by keeping landfills free of recyclable metal. Bring in your aluminum cans, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass and receive CASH on the spot! It is a great way to be a part of a growing concern and earn money for your effort. Give us a call for current prices on all your scrap metal items.

D & L Recycling is conveniently located in Valley City Ohio. Just minutes from Brunswick, Strongsville, Medina, Hinckley, Columbia Station and other surrounding communities.

Jan 07

Metal Recycling

When we think of metal recycling, aluminum cans is the typical response. However, there are many other metal items that can be recycled and you may be throwing away money. If you saw a $20 bill laying on the ground, would you pick it up or just leave it?

The old lawn mower in the garage that hasn’t worked in years, car parts, appliances, old Christmas lights, extension cords, home improvement scrap metal, aluminum siding, gutters, etc… all can be recycled at your local metal recycling center for CASH!

If you saw a $20 bill laying on the ground, would you pick it up or just leave it?

Here are a few tips that can help you make a few extra dollars recycling your metal items:

  • Make it a community event by getting neighbors and family members involved and celebrate by having a neighborhood party or cookout on the proceeds!
  • A bin or box may help. Set aside an area, out of the way but, close enough to remind you to recycle.
  • Contact your local metal recycler like D & L Recycling of Valley City Ohio to find out what items are accepted and current prices.
  • Cash in the next visit to your recycling center. Be sure to bring your ID. It’s that easy!

Money aside, although a great motivator, recycling has become an important role for our environment. Getting your neighbors or family involved is just another great way to keep your local community cleaner. Landfills are piling up, so, before you throw away the next aluminum can, lawn mower or box of old Christmas lights, put them in your recycle bin for some extra cash.